How To Become An Editor In Chief In 2019?

It is not a secret that an Editor in Chief is an important role for any business that publishes any works. This is due to that fact that they are considered to be the go-to person in regards to making sure that everything is edited perfectly and makes sense for readers. It is a great job with several amazing benefits, but that does not mean that the job is always easy to handle.

It can be pretty stressful due to time crunches and looming due date. You should not let these things deter you as becoming an Editor In Chief is an amazing goal to have and honestly, these are the type of stresses that you would find in any position of power. Today we are going to take a closer look as to how you can become an Editor in Chief in the year 2019. 

If you aren’t quite sure as to what an Editor in Cheif is, just simply think of them as the face or the main person regarding a publication. This is because they are on the hook and responsible for literally every decision that the magazine or newspaper makes. Their main intentions within the role are to manage everything from staff to the actual physical product. That is quite a bit of responsibility and pressure.

They may take charge of some writing duties for their respective publication but this typically is not the case as most of their work is overseeing editors and the actual writers that have been hired for the company. This is because they have to give their consent to having the final product published and as a result, need to ensure that they like the work that their employees have been putting in.

The truth of the matter is that they do not want lackluster work but rather would enjoy having published works that anyone can enjoy. 
It seems that most publication companies prefer that their editors in chief have at least a bachelor’s degree.

The degree can be in any subject, but you are honestly more likely to get hired into the position with a degree in a subject such as communications or marketing. This is because both of these programs have classes closely aligned with the job responsibilities that you will be taking on.

It is also of great importance to remember that you can’t just get hired on as an editor in chief in most situations. You have to put in the time and work your way up the ranks to achieve that coveted job title. Commonly, one will first start as either a journalist or writer at the beginning of their career as it gives them first-hand experience doing what they will be expected to look over as an Editor in chief. Having the experience is also a great plus as it looks great on your resume.

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